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John Hasselback

A great tribute to a great man! The ballad is actually titled "Goodbye BB" - composed by Don Menza. "still, My Heart Sings@ is the name of the album this track is from.

Tony Zambito

Thanks, John for alerting me to the right information. Made note of Goodbye B.B. - how lucky you were to have been associated with the making of that CD. Thanks for sharing about Ron! Tony

Marie Witkowski

Dear Lisa, Growing up in Niagara Falls your Dad and I were very close, I loved him with all my heart. He gave me a copy of his CD Happy Feet. Please extend my sympathy to all of your family. Love Marie Corsaro Witkowski

Irene ruggirello

Loved hearing Ron play at our ADK fashion shows. Never realized how accomplished he was. RIP


My father was multi-dimensional throughout his life. Tony, you made his life story come alive. Many loved him as a teacher, many as a Union & political expert and many as a musician. You helped people to see all of his facets! Thank you.💕

George Osborne

Nicely done Tony. Ron deserved these comments and history.

Don Trapasso

A sad day for music in western NY, and his many friends. I had the privilege oof being one of Aron's friends. Years ago I took jazz theory lessons from Ron, one of the most enjoyable things I ever did in music.
My condolences to Rons family. Ron will never be forgotten, he was one of the best.
Don Trapasso

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